Welcome To PaceBoss

PaceBoss is a new app that helps the user maintain a pace as they walk, jog, or run while listening to music on their iPhone.

Every 30 seconds, the PaceBoss personal trainer – a celebrity voice-- tells you to speed up, slow down, or encourages you to keep the pace going.

The app monitors your work out using the GPS and accelerometer in the iPhone.

Get These Celebrities To Train You Now

Jon Bauman

Jon "Bowzer" Bauman, formerly of Sha Na Na, is your personal PaceBoss Coach, keeping "youse" on the pace you set for your workout with your own iTunes Music.

Steve Bluestein

A stand up comedian for over 30 years… A tv writer for 20 years…. A playwright for 10 years… and his latest book is IT'S SO HARD TO TYPE WITH A GUN IN MY MOUTH

Dylan Brody

A humorist, playwright, author and stand-up comedian, he has written for Jay Leno's Tonight Show monologue. His latest CD is titled Chronological Disorder

Angie Dickinson

A sultry workout with the star of Police Woman and the original Oceans 11 with her good friend Frank Sinatra. True Hollywood royalty, she was one of Johnny Carson’s favorite guests

Ric Drasin

Ric Drasin, former pro wrestler, The Equalizer, also former training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 70's and creator of the famous Golds Gym and World Gym logos. He hosts Rics Corner, a webcast show on fitness and nutrition www.ricscorner.com

Fred Frees

Fred Frees recreates his father, Paul Frees’ haunting voice from a famous ride in one of the world's greatest theme parks

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy is your personal trainer, for a "logical" workout

Todd Rundgren

Rock Star, Songwriter, and Producer, lead singer for Utopia, and his hits include Hello, Its Me

Ben Vereen

Your dazzling, dancing personal trainer is the Tony Award winning Broadway star who was the memorable Chicken George in Roots

About Us

The PaceBoss app is a creation of Hall Ryan Laboratories.


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