PaceBoss will allow you to

  • Manage your exercise rhythm for a walk, jog, run, roller blade, or bicycle regimen with the help of an audio biofeedback system to keep you on track for the right pace and the desired amount of time or distance.
  • Use the voice of your favorite celebrity or athlete to inspire you and motivate you to forge on and complete your exercise regimen. PaceBoss has sophisticated software algorithms that provide you with a life-like experience with your favorite celebrity trainer. If you don’t comply with PaceBoss voice prompts to speed up or slow down, your PaceBoss will get evermore insistent – just like a real personal coach.
  • Use PaceBoss outdoors with your iPhone’s GPS – And Coming Soon, you’ll also be able to use your PaceBoss indoors using the iPhone’s accelerometers. Watch for PaceBoss updates!
  • Collect as many celebrity PaceBosses as you like – use different PaceBosses for different workout moods
  • Automatically pause when you stop for red lights, or cross walks, or any other reason. It resumes as soon as you start moving again. You can also manually pause PaceBoss at the touch of a button on the main menu.
  • Log and track your exercise history with personal notes and comments. PaceBoss collects detailed data on your workout for your later review. You can use this great feature to track your progress on health and fitness and add personal notes to each history log.

Note: PaceBoss does not collect and/or share your personal or workout information with anyone in any manner whatsoever. This information only resides on your personal iPhone and will never be seen by anyone that you don’t elect to personally share it with.

About Us

The PaceBoss app is a creation of Hall Ryan Laboratories.


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