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User Instructions

1. Power up:

The first time you use this app, please note that the default setting is for 2.5 miles per hour and for only one mile. Go to the settings menu and select the Workout Distance (in miles) and then select the Pace Goal (speed in miles per hour). Make sure you click on “Save” or your changes will not register when you start your workout. At the end of your workout, if you liked the Pace Goal and distance, you’re all set. The same settings will work for subsequent workouts and will continue to do so until you change them.

2. Pace Goal (Speed) Setting:

When selecting your Pace Goal, make sure you select something that is as close to your actual desired speed as possible. PaceBoss will advise you that your pace is good so long as you are within 80% to 120% of the Pace Goal (speed) you set. If your actual speed is set too close to either 80% or 120% of the Pace Goal, you may get voice prompts to speed up (or slow down as the case may be) since GPS technology has a tendency to slightly fluctuate. Plus, you may not be able to maintain a perfect speed on a chosen Pace Goal. For this reason, we have the 80% to 120% buffer. If you’re getting occasional voice prompts to speed up, or slow down, and you don’t believe you actually sped up or slowed down, adjust the Pace Goal accordingly and this issue should be alleviated.

3. Automatic/Manual Pace Goal settings:

At any time during your workout, you can manually change the Pace Goal by selecting either up or down on the pace button. If you desire, you can ignore the voice prompts to speed up or slow down and PaceBoss will automatically adjust to your actual speed after trying three times to get you to comply with its request to speed up or slow down.

4. Automatic Pausing:

PaceBoss can detect when you come to a stop for any reason during your workout. When this happens, the system will stop prompting you to speed up. However, as soon as you start moving again, PaceBoss will ask you to speed up. If you reach you Pace Goal speed within 10 seconds, you’ll get a voice prompt advising you that you’re doing fine.

5. Time Responses:

PaceBoss will advise you when you’re half way through your exercise regimen. It will also advise you when there’s 3 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minute left to go. If you slow down your speed after the 3 minute voice prompt, PaceBoss may decide not to advise you again that you’re still have 3 minutes to go. For best results, maintain a steady pace and PaceBoss will accurately advise you of the time left for your workout.

6. GPS Interference:

There are inherent limitations to GPS. This includes obstructions for the satellites that are trying to monitor your speed. If you go into a tunnel or into a building or under dense foliage such big trees, your GPS will collect erroneous readings. If this happens, ignore the voice prompts to speed up and as soon as your back in an open area, PaceBoss will resume providing you accurate voice prompts.

7. History:

PaceBoss keeps a detailed log of your workout. At the end of every workout, you can add text that you feel is necessary for you to remember what and why you did as well (or as poor) as you did. You can also log your heart rate.

About Us

The PaceBoss app is a creation of Hall Ryan Laboratories.


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